What We Know About iPhone 6S & iPhone 7

It seems like it was only yesterday when Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were released. Now, iPhone 6S and iPhone 7 are not only hotly talked about but also highly anticipated.

We are still months away from the official word from Apple regarding release dates and features for the latest Apple toys but many consumers are already clamoring for the phone. The Internet is full of rumors and so far things are looking up and good for iPhone 6s and iPhone 7.

Whether it’s about the design, specifications, features or name, the web is full of speculations. Some may be close to the truth and others may be just that, speculation. Either way, it looks like Apple is on top of its game like always. If most of the rumors were true, we are likely going to see a next-level iPhone in 2015.

Let’s try to round off the rumors circulating around the web thus far.

According to a leaked email, we can expect the two phones to be rolled out by September 25, 2015 just like its predecessors. Some reports, however, beg to disagree. Rumor has it that the phones are said to launch earlier around August 2015. For the enthusiasts, an earlier release date is certainly preferred but without any confirmation from Apple, we’ll just have to wait and see.

When it comes to design, iPhone 6S is believed to sport the same look and dimensions as the iPhone 6 only a bit thicker and taller. There’s also the possibility that both the iPhone 6S and iPhone 7 may feature the Series 700 aluminum alloy. Since the 6S will be taller, it also means that the camera lens position that some are complaining about will not look like its protruding anymore. Another rumor claims that the new phones may be featuring a new color scheme too meaning colors may be darker. For gold, it will be more yellow and for grey, it will be deeper in shade. Those who love pink or rose gold are in for some good news as these colors may be available this year.

Though iPhone 6S is said to be thicker and taller than the predecessor, the screen is likely to stick to the 4.7 inches size. It is also believed that the screen may boasts sapphire displays cluing in from the rumors suggesting a team-up between Apple and Foxconn. If it is indeed true, this means we can expect a tougher screen for iPhone 6S not to mention better protection against scratches and better visibility.

Now for the camera, there are claims that iPhone 6S will get a boost featuring a 12MP camera for the phone plus a support 4K video. As for the front cam, the phone apparently will feature 5MP and there might be a flash too. You can also expect for image quality to mimic that of DSLR camera with reports talking about Apple acquiring a company specializing in Smartphone cameras.

It’s not just the camera that’s getting a boost. The power and OS are also taking a leap with iPhone 7 rumored to boasts a new Qualcomm chip that is believed to double the 4G speeds. This means greater efficiency and longer battery life. Naturally, the latest iPhones will be conduits of the latest operating system as well, which is we already know by now as iOS 9. The OS is believed to feature a lot of improvements including maps, Siri and battery life.

Based on what we know for now and whether if the rumors are true or not, there’s no denying the fact that the latest iPhones are next level impressive.