What We Can Expect with iOS 9

Not letting the grass grow Apple is treating its multitudes of followers across the globe with a new operating system, the much-anticipated iOS 9 set to come fall 2015. The new iOS is also now downloadable in it beta version which you can of course try if you can’t wait no more.

Before you go ahead and download the beta version, here is what you need to know about this major OS iteration for Apple’s iPhones.

The iOS 9 was unveiled last June 8 during the Worldwide Developers Conference and final launch is coming this fall which is believed to launch with the latest iPhone 6S and iPhone 7 so that’s probably around September this year.

What is iOS 9 compatible with?

Like what Apple always does, the new iOS will not be compatible with every iPhone and other Apple devices. But as long as yours runs on iOS 8, chances are high that you’ll be able to upgrade to the iOS 9. That means iPhone 4 is stuck with the older OS while iPhone 4S is safe in the meantime.

What are the new features?

For the latest iOS, Siri is going to get its much-needed enhancements. You can expect a smarter Siri that is now designed to understand words such as “it” and “this”. When you tell Siri to remind you about something, the app will attempt to understand what “this” or “it” means. But the biggest enhancement is probably Siri’s location-based knowledge giving you a more intuitive experience even on the go.

With the success of Apple Pay in the US, the brand has decided to expand it to the UK, which is believed to release July 14. This new change also promoted the change from Passbook to Wallet, the new name for where your Apple Pay is located.

When it comes to maps, we all know Google Maps is simply topnotch. Unfortunately, with Apple iPhones, Siri and other built-in apps run on Apple Maps. Rather than change that, Apple worked a lot on improving Apple Maps promising a more intuitive and seamless experience. Hopefully, Apple pulls it through.

As the new iOS 9 rolls out this fall, expect to also see new apps including News to replace Newsstand and as mentioned Wallet to replace Passbook. You’ll also see a new keyboard, which Apple has dubbed its best keyboard yet plus multitasking particularly for iPads is also guaranteed.