iPhone 6 Review

iPhone 6 Review

When Apple released the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus last year, it was a big moment for the company. Releasing bigger phones than what the brand has been manufacturing the past years was a big leap and it paid off quite impressively.

With the market shifting its clamor for wider and bigger phones, Apple’s move makes perfect sense all in all. Some might event say that the iPhone 6 and it’s bigger brother, iPhone 6 Plus, may be the best phones created to date.

Let’s take a look at the wonder that is iPhone 6 starting off with the design. If you’re an avid Apple user for year, the new iPhone might feel strange at first but if you look at it as a whole, you’ll see a sharper and more ergonomic design. The iPhone 6 is not only bigger but thinner at 6.9mm and more smart looking boasting a sleek and durable metal material with a tiny bit of curving resulting in a more premium feel.

While bigger, the thinner phone is designed to hold nicely in your hands. The only concern many users worry about is the protruding camera, which may result in scratches when the phone is laid down flat.

When it comes to the screen, you can tell that Apple did not binge at all. The resolution, for one got a bump fro 1136 x 640 to 1334 x 750. The screen size is now 4.7 inches hence more visual pleasure and display in general is more in terms of quality, contrast and sharpness.

Now for the camera, what iPhone 6 boasts is the next-generation upgrade at least when it comes to quality of the images. While the competition is battling over which one has more megapixels, Apple it seems did not take the bait. Instead, the brand focused its efforts on features such as focus pixels. Of course, there’s always Apple’s Auto HDR mode making photos to look more natural and better in quality. A new feature that got people excited is the Time Lapse that means no need to download stand-alone apps. It’s just right there on your camera setting options when needed.

When Apple releases new iPhones, it follows that a new iOS is also necessary. The iPhone 6 ran on iOS 8 and soon to iOS 9 as the iPhone 7 is rumored to make its rounds September this year. The new iOS has some good features and new enhancements promising better performance. The iPhone 6, for one, has the reachability option and you can also now swipe back and forth on apps hence faster and better navigation.

For most people who hate reaching for their chargers, the iPhone 6 is your best bet. Apple revealed that iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus boasts longer battery life by up to 25%. This is because the phones now run on more efficient engines than the previous iPhones. Bear in mind though that playing games can still eat up your battery life quite significantly.

The Bottom Line

While still not perfect, the iPhone 6 is undeniably a significant upgrade from the previous iPhones. It’s not only bigger but faster, sleek and just generally battery. Of course, there is still more room for improvements, which we’re pretty sure Apple is already working on. Come September, we hope to see more next level improvements and enhancements as iPhone 7 purportedly hits the market.