iPhone 6 Review

When Apple released the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus last year, it was a big moment for the company. Releasing bigger phones than what the brand has been manufacturing the past years was a big leap and it paid off quite impressively.

With the market shifting its clamor for wider and bigger phones, Apple’s move makes perfect sense all in all. Some might event say that the iPhone 6 and it’s bigger brother, iPhone 6 Plus, may be the best phones created to date.

Let’s take a look at the wonder that is iPhone 6 starting off with the design. If you’re an avid Apple user for year, the new iPhone might feel strange at first but if you look at it as a whole, you’ll see a sharper and more ergonomic design. The iPhone 6 is not only bigger but thinner at 6.9mm and more smart looking boasting a sleek and durable metal material with a tiny bit of curving resulting in a more premium feel.

While bigger, the thinner phone is designed to hold nicely in your hands. The only concern many users worry about is the protruding camera, which may result in scratches when the phone is laid down flat.

When it comes to the screen, you can tell that Apple did not binge at all. The resolution, for one got a bump fro 1136 x 640 to 1334 x 750. The screen size is now 4.7 inches hence more visual pleasure and display in general is more in terms of quality, contrast and sharpness.

Now for the camera, what iPhone 6 boasts is the next-generation upgrade at least when it comes to quality of the images. While the competition is battling over which one has more megapixels, Apple it seems did not take the bait. Instead, the brand focused its efforts on features such as focus pixels. Of course, there’s always Apple’s Auto HDR mode making photos to look more natural and better in quality. A new feature that got people excited is the Time Lapse that means no need to download stand-alone apps. It’s just right there on your camera setting options when needed.

When Apple releases new iPhones, it follows that a new iOS is also necessary. The iPhone 6 ran on iOS 8 and soon to iOS 9 as the iPhone 7 is rumored to make its rounds September this year. The new iOS has some good features and new enhancements promising better performance. The iPhone 6, for one, has the reachability option and you can also now swipe back and forth on apps hence faster and better navigation.

For most people who hate reaching for their chargers, the iPhone 6 is your best bet. Apple revealed that iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus boasts longer battery life by up to 25%. This is because the phones now run on more efficient engines than the previous iPhones. Bear in mind though that playing games can still eat up your battery life quite significantly.

The Bottom Line

While still not perfect, the iPhone 6 is undeniably a significant upgrade from the previous iPhones. It’s not only bigger but faster, sleek and just generally battery. Of course, there is still more room for improvements, which we’re pretty sure Apple is already working on. Come September, we hope to see more next level improvements and enhancements as iPhone 7 purportedly hits the market.


A Quick Look at No Credit Check Mobile Phones


Do you want to snag the latest handset release but has no cash to pay for it upfront? One way to do it is apply for a pay monthly contract phone. Rather than buy the phone outright, you can pay for it in installment basis together with your phone services. But there’s just one hitch. To be eligible for a phone contract, you need to have good credit.

So what happens if you have bad credit? Your application is likely to get rejected. But that doesn’t mean you should give up your application altogether. This is where no credit check mobile phones come handy as alternatives to todays pay monthly contracts.

What are no credit check phones?

No credit check phones are just like traditional phone contracts only that they are offered mainly for people with bad credit. If you’ve ever been refused a phone contract elsewhere, these are alternatives you can look into.

With no credit check phones, you get to choose your handset as well as your phone bundle. In other words, you can tailor your contract according to your needs and budget without trouble. The terms like normal may last 12 months, 18 months or 24 months. The contract will also feature a phone bundle on your calls, texts and data. Head over to http://www.phonesworld.co.uk/ to compare available no credit check phones.

What are the downsides?

While quick and super easy to get approved for, there are downsides you need to understand about no credit check phones. For one, your handset selection will not be as extensive if you have good credit. That means you might not snag the handset you’ve been eyeing to get. Also worth considering is the cost which may be relatively more expensive than usual. Either way, no credit check phones are perfect if you’re in the process of rebuilding your credit rating. You can always upgrade to the latest handset once your credit score hits the fair or good rating.


6 of the Best Smartphones in 2015

Every year, we’ve seen top mobile phone manufacturers compete against each other with their latest releases. 2015 proved to be a big year not only for manufacturers but consumers as well. If you’re shopping around for the best smartphone, below are some of the best and most exciting choices coming your way this 2015.

iPhone 6s/iPhone 7

Following up the huge success of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Apple’s newest addition to its every growing iPhones. The iPhone 6S and iPhone 7 are rumored to have a release date sometime September 2015. Releasing with the phones is the new iOS 9 which is in beta version and available to download at the moment.

Google Nexus 5

If you’re looking for something in the mid-range price without compromising specifications, the Google Nexus 5 is worth waiting for. Huawei is believed to have made the phone hence the purported perfect combo of fair price and high-end specs. It is even more anticipated following the reports that the new phone will run on the latest Google OS, the Android M.

Asus Zenfone 2

Powerful at a good and fair price, it’s hard not to include the Asus Zenfone 2 on the list. The latest offering from Asus boasts a powerful Intel Atom Z3580 quad-core processor with a 4GB RAM and a 32GB internal storage you can still expand. It’s also dual-sim and boasts a 5.5in screen.

HTC One M9

If you’re a fan of the HTC One M8, you’re for some good news because the latest HTC One M9, which was released 31 May 2015 in the UK, is believed to be even better in most, if not all, aspects. Not only does the phone look sleeker but it also boasts better and faster performance all in all.


LG has dubbed its latest phone as its most ambitious release to date. It is called the LG G4 featuring a distinctively designed look and promising better performance. Considering the success of its predecessor, it looks like that LG fans are in for one exciting year ahead.

Samsung Galaxy A7

If you’re a phablet kind of user, the latest Samsung Galaxy A7 may be exactly what you’re looking for. It features a large 5.5in screen and an impressive 64-bit octa-core processor. All in all, it’s a gorgeous and sleek-looking phone that doubles as a tablet perfect for professionals.


What We Can Expect with iOS 9

Not letting the grass grow Apple is treating its multitudes of followers across the globe with a new operating system, the much-anticipated iOS 9 set to come fall 2015. The new iOS is also now downloadable in it beta version which you can of course try if you can’t wait no more.

Before you go ahead and download the beta version, here is what you need to know about this major OS iteration for Apple’s iPhones.

The iOS 9 was unveiled last June 8 during the Worldwide Developers Conference and final launch is coming this fall which is believed to launch with the latest iPhone 6S and iPhone 7 so that’s probably around September this year.

What is iOS 9 compatible with?

Like what Apple always does, the new iOS will not be compatible with every iPhone and other Apple devices. But as long as yours runs on iOS 8, chances are high that you’ll be able to upgrade to the iOS 9. That means iPhone 4 is stuck with the older OS while iPhone 4S is safe in the meantime.

What are the new features?

For the latest iOS, Siri is going to get its much-needed enhancements. You can expect a smarter Siri that is now designed to understand words such as “it” and “this”. When you tell Siri to remind you about something, the app will attempt to understand what “this” or “it” means. But the biggest enhancement is probably Siri’s location-based knowledge giving you a more intuitive experience even on the go.

With the success of Apple Pay in the US, the brand has decided to expand it to the UK, which is believed to release July 14. This new change also promoted the change from Passbook to Wallet, the new name for where your Apple Pay is located.

When it comes to maps, we all know Google Maps is simply topnotch. Unfortunately, with Apple iPhones, Siri and other built-in apps run on Apple Maps. Rather than change that, Apple worked a lot on improving Apple Maps promising a more intuitive and seamless experience. Hopefully, Apple pulls it through.

As the new iOS 9 rolls out this fall, expect to also see new apps including News to replace Newsstand and as mentioned Wallet to replace Passbook. You’ll also see a new keyboard, which Apple has dubbed its best keyboard yet plus multitasking particularly for iPads is also guaranteed.


LG G4: A Closer Look

closer look

Most people may be talking about the more popular Smartphones such as the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus but it’s also worth noting that LG is actually doing a pretty good job with its latest LG G4 release. Rather than compete with the likes of Apple, LG is on a league of its own releasing impressive flagship phones that continue to hit the right note with its target market.

Following their flagship LG G3 release is this year’s LG G4 hoping to follow up last year’s success. LG G3 was a hit thanks to its distinct features that have lured quite a following.

Was it all just a fluke or is the new LG G4 taking the success to the next level? Let’s look at the features and decide.

Starting off with the display, you will see that the LG G4 did not stray far from its predecessor. Just like the LG G3, the phone boasts button less sides with the power button located on the back. If you’re used to power/lock on the side or top, the LG G4 might feel a little awkward to use at first. But it really just takes some getting used to.

The LG G4 also features a curved display as opposed to flat like iPhones and other popular smartphones. With its curved front and back, LG believes that the design enhanced the unit’s durability. Even if you drop it, the entire screen won’t hit the ground thanks to the tapered edges.

In terms of software, the LG G4 had some boost and some tweaks. It runs on Android 5.1 Lollipop and features the new LG UX 4.0. It’s not really all that different from its predecessor’s software but there were simple enhancements.

Some of the enhancements you will notice right away if you were an LG G3 user are the Memories and Timeline features. The Memories feature is just like what iPhone’s Collections feature where photos and videos are grouped accordingly while the Timeline will give you a sneak peak of all your photos.

When it comes to its camera, LG G4 has a 16MP camera for the rear part with wider aperture. This means that the phone’s camera is designed to be more competitive allowing you to take photos with more light. Image quality is not all that bad either. In fact, LG G4 can produce images that match the quality of some of Samsung’s latest handsets.

Staying true to its mission to be different, LG G4 did not go the sealed off back route. Instead, the phone lets you remove your battery and expand your storage when preferred. The phone on its own boasts a 32GB internal storage and can be expanded up to an impressive 2TB capacity while the RAM is 3G powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 SoC.

While impressively efficient performance-wise, the LG G4’s battery life is just average. It features a 3000mAh battery that often would last you until afternoon or dinnertime. If you’re using it for a considerable amount of time throughout the day, chances are high that you’ll always be reaching for that charger.

In conclusion, the LG G4 has certainly more advantages than disadvantages. Compared to its predecessor, it has leveled up quite nicely but there’s still more room for improvements. Hopefully, LG can really hit it more on the spot next time. In the meantime, the LG G4 is one good-looking and distinctly designed phone that will continue to hold its following’s interests.


What We Know About iPhone 6S & iPhone 7

It seems like it was only yesterday when Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were released. Now, iPhone 6S and iPhone 7 are not only hotly talked about but also highly anticipated.

We are still months away from the official word from Apple regarding release dates and features for the latest Apple toys but many consumers are already clamoring for the phone. The Internet is full of rumors and so far things are looking up and good for iPhone 6s and iPhone 7.

Whether it’s about the design, specifications, features or name, the web is full of speculations. Some may be close to the truth and others may be just that, speculation. Either way, it looks like Apple is on top of its game like always. If most of the rumors were true, we are likely going to see a next-level iPhone in 2015.

Let’s try to round off the rumors circulating around the web thus far.

According to a leaked email, we can expect the two phones to be rolled out by September 25, 2015 just like its predecessors. Some reports, however, beg to disagree. Rumor has it that the phones are said to launch earlier around August 2015. For the enthusiasts, an earlier release date is certainly preferred but without any confirmation from Apple, we’ll just have to wait and see.

When it comes to design, iPhone 6S is believed to sport the same look and dimensions as the iPhone 6 only a bit thicker and taller. There’s also the possibility that both the iPhone 6S and iPhone 7 may feature the Series 700 aluminum alloy. Since the 6S will be taller, it also means that the camera lens position that some are complaining about will not look like its protruding anymore. Another rumor claims that the new phones may be featuring a new color scheme too meaning colors may be darker. For gold, it will be more yellow and for grey, it will be deeper in shade. Those who love pink or rose gold are in for some good news as these colors may be available this year.

Though iPhone 6S is said to be thicker and taller than the predecessor, the screen is likely to stick to the 4.7 inches size. It is also believed that the screen may boasts sapphire displays cluing in from the rumors suggesting a team-up between Apple and Foxconn. If it is indeed true, this means we can expect a tougher screen for iPhone 6S not to mention better protection against scratches and better visibility.

Now for the camera, there are claims that iPhone 6S will get a boost featuring a 12MP camera for the phone plus a support 4K video. As for the front cam, the phone apparently will feature 5MP and there might be a flash too. You can also expect for image quality to mimic that of DSLR camera with reports talking about Apple acquiring a company specializing in Smartphone cameras.

It’s not just the camera that’s getting a boost. The power and OS are also taking a leap with iPhone 7 rumored to boasts a new Qualcomm chip that is believed to double the 4G speeds. This means greater efficiency and longer battery life. Naturally, the latest iPhones will be conduits of the latest operating system as well, which is we already know by now as iOS 9. The OS is believed to feature a lot of improvements including maps, Siri and battery life.

Based on what we know for now and whether if the rumors are true or not, there’s no denying the fact that the latest iPhones are next level impressive.